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        Multi-Media Server

Dell Dimension 4700  This particular page is all about a server I've been working on. It's all housed on a Dell Dimension 4700 desktop (pictured to the left, underneat the navigation panel) that's sitting in my house.

 Now, I wanted this server to do a number of different things:

  • Control music playback in my room from computers, laptops, and phones via the internet
  • Stream music or video to any internet connected device via UPnP protocols
  • Share my files between my computers and my phone
  • Have extra storage on my home network
  • Work as a print server so I can print from anywhere
  • Keep all of my programs centralized so I can use things like Microsoft Office and Adobe's Creative Suite anywhere
  • Have the whole thing protected with Avast, MalwareBytes, Peerblock, and Tor
Windows Server 2003
Foobar 2000 Audio Player
   Unfortunately, like most things that sound too good to be true, this server comes with it's fair share of difficulties. I'm experimenting with the use of Microsoft's Server 2003 operating system, and finding drivers for it is annoying as hell. If nothing comes to fruition in the next couple of weeks, I'm just going to use XP and get to work on completing this project. My goal was to get it done by the time I head off to college in the fall.


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Other Website  Here's a link to my first website (no longer updated) on similar topics. Quinncuatro Productions