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 I've been trying to keep myself busy lately. The school froze our GPA's after the second quarter of the year, and a lot of teachers really let the workload drop, so us students have been left largely to our own devices for the remainder of the year. Now I've been wanting to take up programming for a number of years now, and figured this would be a great time to get some work done. Below are just a couple of projects I'm in various phases of completing, including links so that you can download and try them out yourself. They're not infected, I promise.
Random Number Generator  My random number generator asks for certain parameters, like the maximum and minimum for the numbers in the output string, as well as how many random numbers you want. It then gives you a string of random numbers that match those parameters. It can be downloaded here.
Simple Derivative Calculator  The simple derivative calculator is the first experiment that will ultimately become a program that can solve any derivative. This one can solve wx^y for any number w and y. It's very simple, but like I said, it's the first iteration of something much more complicated. It can be downloaded here.


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Other Website  Here's a link to my first website (no longer updated) on similar topics. Quinncuatro Productions