A Peek Inside My Mind

Welcome everyone. This is just a test website for my HTML class. Throughout the semester I'll need to make several web pages for various assignments so I figured I might as well put them all online. This splashpage was made on February 8th of 2011, all subsequent webpages will be dated accordingigly.

Here's a list of my projects. Content after the jump.

  1. Tourism in Fayetteville - This assignment is just a little information about a city of my choosing. The first place that came to mind was the one my girlfriend lives in. Welcome to Fayetteville, guys.
  2. Virus Website Assignment - This is a textbook exercise about viruses. All of it is just rewritten right out of the textbook, and it was meant to get us familiar with the various pieces of the HTML language.

The best part about how this site is how it's being hosted. There's a free program and web graphical interface called Dropbox. Essentially it's an online flash drive. Every user gets a free 2 gigabytes worth of space to put whatever they want on it. The user can pick certain files to be made public and can give people the link to view it. I chose to use the default public folder to host this site. All links and pictures in the source code are hardlinked to the corresponding pictures and pages in subfolders of my Dropbox's "Public" folder. I've talked to Mrs. Dean about using this to help her students host their own sites and assignments for free, but if: a) you're not in her class, b) she doesn't tell you, or c) you just want to know, come find me. I'll be glad to explain how this works so that we can get you set up on a similar web based webhost.

Similarly, one could buy a domain name from a site like GoDaddy and point the domain name towards the url of your homepage's public link.

I wrote a guide on how to set up an account on Dropbox and how to use that account as your web hosting client. It can be found here.

Lastly, I myself have been in a plight many of you have been in. The internet is the information super highway. All the information in all the world is at your fingertips and you have access to the cumulation of Earth's knowledge. That knowledge is use for everything from NASA deep space probe reports to funny videos about cats. Here's the problem though, ever get bored? Me too. I have a lot of places where you can go to let off steam or just stumble around the internet for a while learning fun little things and having a laugh along the way. Just head over to this page for an extensive list of ways to spend your time meaninfully online.

Some content on this site is not my own work. Credit for some of my assignments' source code is due to:

Marrelli, Jan. A Guide To Web Development Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: with Fireworks CS3 and Flash CS3. St. Paul, MN: Lawrenceville, 2009. Print.