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9/06/2011 Bored in Class

  So it's day three in my Web Development class during my first semester at Champlain College. It's interesting, because I already know all of the subject matter that's been taught to us so far. I mean, I have this website up and running, and although it's not the best, it's functional and I built it myself.
  It definitely makes the class easier, but the people in here with me seem completely oblivious to how any of this stuff works. If anything, it's just frustrating. My time's being wasted by kids spending five minutes asking how they should turn in assignments several different times.
  Maybe I'll just send my professor a link to my this site and have her poke around a bit. Maybe there's a way I can get credit and op out of this class, because honestly it's a waste of my time. Wish me luck everyone.

6/10/2011 The Final Day

  Well, it's certainly been a fun thirteen years. There's just so much I can say. I haven't been where I'm living now for all of them; just the last nine or so. My town has been better to me than it's been to others.
  Since I've been in kindergarten, I've been to ten different countries and starred in an Off-Broadway musical. I've picked up some habits, talents, and a morning ritual. I've gotten fat, I've gotten thin, I've gotten in shape, and I've grown into a man. There have been ups and downs; the whole public school emotional rollercoaster.

  I'm just glad I ended up where I did to go through all of that. My grandmother, grandfather, mom, aunts, cousins (and next year, my brother) have all walked these same halls. I've been told a lot of us have all gravitated to the same seats in certain rooms. Collectively, we've seen teachers come and go. We've seen heatwaves, pranks, champions, and intellectuals happen in this building.
  It's a peculiar feeling being third generation in a high school. Such a thing isn't uncommon in college, when people travel far from home to be able to attend a certain university. Often, children will move, and grandchildren will be first generation in a school. A lot of people don't like having lived their whole lives here, but I was lucky enough to have circumnavigated the globe by the time I was two years old. I had some experience under my belt.
  I'm going to miss the runs on the cross country course, the endless summers I've spent at camp, the games of frisbee, the conversations in these halls, even the people themselves. Being a military brat, I had to make new friends every couple of years when I moved, but this place has given me my first solid group of friends. I've been with these guys for the better part of six or seven years. I'll miss them all. You all know who you are.

  There's a lot of skiing in my future, when I attend Champlain College beginning in the Fall. I'm looking forward to being able to glean every piece of knowledge I can from my professors. This website should stand testament that I am passionate about what I do, and I'll continue to do this all of my life. On this, my last full day of high school, I'd like to thank every teacher I've ever had. Without your help and guidance, I never would have made it to where I am today. I'd like to thank my family for their continued support. Most of all, I'd like to thank my girlfriend. She's been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for the past couple of years. We're going to try to make it through college, and move in together. The thought of that future has been what's gotten me through this last year of high school whilst still caring about my grades. I can't thank you enough, Sweetheart. I love you.
  I'm writing this in the morning, because I know it'll be a bittersweet day. There will be laughing and there will be tears, but I think all of us are ready to move on from this place. We couldn't be more prepared. The hardest part will just be leaving all the friends we've come to know and rely on for the better part of our lives. As I head of to summer camp this year, I'll still be thinking of the amazing party that's being thrown for all of us graduates by a dedicated group of parents. We'll have one final bash together before we part ways for good. Thank you, to everyone I've been in a class with the past thirteen years. Rest assured, whether we got along or not, you've been an instrumental part in life to get me where I am today and where I may be in the future. I'd like to share my success with all of you, and hope you feel the same way about all of us. We are the One's. We did it.


6/09/2011 The Early Days

  I've been working on this website for the past couple of weeks, and although it's nothing special, I'm pretty proud of it. To be honest, I rushed through a lot of the work in my Web Design class since it was so easy. Rushing through meant that I didn't retain any of it, so I had to reteach myself everything for the sake of this project.
  What I ended up with was something a lot more than what I was expecting. When I was running through ideas of what to do, the ideas of science fiction or East Hampton fact websites kept coming to mind but I knew those would be boring. Starting to think of what wasn't already online, an idea formed. Why not put my own information out there? I do plenty of things with computers and even fix them for people sometimes.
  So what you'll find here is a collection of programs that I make throughout my life, different work I do with servers, and a page (that I still need to make send to my e-mail, I need a dedicated web server for that) that lets people request my services.
  Whatever comes in the future will come, and I'm sure this site will grow along with my accumulated knowledge of the field and whatever my professors teach my in college. Until then, THIS is Quinncuatro Productions.


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