Meet Our Team

Nick Costanzo

Head Developer

"Visionary, creative, wanna-be entrepeneur/venture capitalist. Wanted to be a doctor but found my passion was for helping people, not medicine. So, my goal is to utilize technology to help people congregate and create memories and stop using it as an excuse for a social life. 'Stay hungry, stay foolish.' - Steve Jobs"

Henry Quinn

UX Lead & Head Marketer

"Recent college grad, frequent road tripper, semi professional Tinder-er. Lately I've been rock climbing in every bit of free time I can find. Other than that I've been experimenting with hand mixed liquid food alternatives and trying my best to look cool at the gym."

McKeighry Tierney


"Electrical engineer by trade, coder at heart, Irish in name. And I love cats. I fill my weekends with snowboarding, archery, and hiking as the weather permits."

Charles Iszard

Security Guru & Backend Engineer

"I often like looking into the eyes of technical problems and raising a beer to their name knowing full well that they translate to my job security. That, and the human condition. Did I mention I love beer?"

Jason Lambert

Chief Financial Officer

Recent college graduate, but still on that college grind, except grad school style now. I call it the big boy league. You get to sit in the front seat instead of the booster seat, you can have drinks without straws, you can go on all the roller coaster rides, and you can’t pick your noise anymore. I also like NFL, college football, college basketball, snowboarding and wake skating. If you like that stuff, or other stuff, you’re cool in my book.